12 APRIL / 2019
Presentation of the album "Lagidniy"
The band Lvivdanceclub announced the release of the album "Lagidniy" - an incredible collection of 7 songs that convey the unique culture of the Sykhiv district in Lviv, which is permeated with love.

The sound of the album represents the desire to demonstrate the inextricable interweaving of music, love and inner freedom of man. Each song in the album is linked by a thin thread of romance and drama. According to the soloists of the band Andriy Popovych and Pavlo Mukha: "The album characterizes the Lvivdanceclub as a band for which you can gupat and at the same time cry and hug."

Starting April 12, 2019, compositions from the album "Lagidniy" may be purchased as singles in the iTunes store, Google Play, and listened to YTMusic, Deezer, Spotify, Soundcloud subscriptions, as well as singles to appear on the same day in the free access to, and the accompanying video to the main single of the "Vona" album already exists on the YouTube artist channel

Lvivdanceclub, Львівський Танцювальний Клуб, ЛТК, album Lagidniy
The second album "Lagidniy" Lvivdanceclub was recorded on the recording studio "Jenny Records" with the following track-sheet:
1. Vona
2. Kacheli
3. Shchedryk
4. Tilky skazhi
5. Vidro Gorilky
6. Tsyhany
7. Freedom Man
Sound producer: Marіan Kryskuv (Studio jenny records). The general design style of the album was developed by graphic artist Nestor Huk.
07 MARCH / 2019
Відбудеться презентація кліпу "Вона"

In October 2018, Lvivdanceclub presented its new lyrical song "Vona", which revealed the love-dramatic story of an emotionally devastated girl.
The song "Vona" is the most lucid and most serious work in their repertoire. Song has a hidden meaning, and everyone who hears her can find something in this track.

Lvivdanceclub, Львівський Танцювальний Клуб, ЛТК, clip Vona

In November 2018 Lvivdanceclub front companies visited the warmth of Portugal, where they shot their second song in the history of the group on the song "Vona" in three locations - the cold Atlantic Ocean, rocks and the beach.
The highlight of the clip was the main character of history, which was played by the Portuguese model Sarah.
Presentation of the clip will take place on March 8 at the leading music channels and YouTube.
03 JULY / 2018
Lvivdanceclub was been на Atlas Weekend 2018

Lvivdanceclub had a performance on the first day of the festival - July 3 at West Stage

Lvivdanceclub, Львівський Танцювальний Клуб, ЛТК, Atlas Weekend

Lvivdanceclub had to perform Atlas Weekend as like the winner of AtlasWeekenTalent2018 on one stage with
Hrazhdanyn Topynambur, LETAY, Maryya Chaykovskaya, Tayanna, Khrystyna Soloviy.
The band thanks guests to the festival for the extraordinary emotions of the concert.

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